Need help programming

Hi y’all,

I am a newbie. I been trying to get my setup done and I keep failing at the code even tried chatgpt lol.

Okay I have 720 LEDs in 144m long strips

I have it going

Strand 1 → strand 2 → strand 3 → strand 4

But really led wise I want a pattern the. Pulsates

Strand 1 (1-144) so from 1-144

Strand 2 (288-144) so it lights backwards 288-144

Strand 3 (289-432) so it lights forward

Stand 4 (576-433) so it backward

Think of it like two V and I want them both to pulsate from the vector out.

Essentially wrapping my bike in it. I have a custom made. Defused and such but I can’t for the life of me control the LEDs properly. Any help would help even if I gotta buy a six pack.

Oh and bonus points if it can work with the expansion pack and change via lotion or sound

There are ways to do this in code per pattern, but the easiest way to do it for your use case two days before Burning Man – check out the Mapper functionality. You want a 2D matrix set up the way you just described, and then use 2D patterns for the effect.