Neo Pixel ring projected on ceiling

I had an old LED camping light that was broken so repurposed it as an LED light projector, placed a magnifying glass on top, and hey presto.

Here is a link to a small video I took.

Tell me what you think ?


Excellent! Really nice job and good choice of music. How exactly is that working? Model of lamp?

The black body and clear inner tube are from a broken LED camping light. In the base is a 24 LED Neo Pixel ring. On top of the clear tube is a plastic magnifying glass. You can move the clear tube up and down to focus the LEDs. I think having it slightly out of focus gives a much nicer effect.


Very cool! I like how it focuses the circles and makes a great projection!

Thank you.

I can make the circles more focused or less focused. Might try and see if I can package the whole thing up in to a portable Party PixelBlaze. I think there is enough room in the body of the old lamp to do it. But will have to get another PB or two. And I have other projects needing more attention first like a new kitchen.