Neopixel build update

Here are some update photos to my build. I have The matrix all wired up except for adding the sensor board.

I’m using a 2-channel bus board with a fuse upstream for each channel as well as a fuse between the bus board and the pixel blaze.

All my connections look good for continuity, and I haven’t turned anything on yet.


Looks awesome!

A few things pop out to me that you might want to consider if you haven’t already.

Power travels through BOTH the positive and negative side. I see a lot of positive red wires distributing positive voltage, but all of that current is also going to be traveling through the negative green wire(s). You probably need to add another power bus for GND / negative and run those to the same injection points as the positive wires.

In the front panel picture I only see 2 wires between all the strips, usually that would have all 3 except at the point where power zone1 meets zone2, which would still have GND and data. Each strip is going to need power from somewhere.

The foil back, is that conductive? That could potentially cause shorts. If your LED strips have adhesive back, it’s a fairly thin layer and can easily be punctured or torn, leaving the copper power pads of the LED strip exposed. Solder joints at the ends can also be a potential point of contact. On the back, if anything comes loose it might touch the foil too. The fuses will help for sure, but if they are very large you could still end up causing the foil to burn before the fuse pops. Sticky adhesive, hot glue, foam tape, etc. can unstick when hot and if you are dumping lots of watts into a dense panel, it will get toasty especially if something goes on top of the LEDs.

The DC jack is unlikely to handle super high current demands that your panel will take. Those are often rated for 5-7A or less (it varies) continuous, and I haven’t seen any rated for 10A+. What did you settle on for total power? For very high current, direct wiring to your bus board would do the trick, but require access to the screw terminal to connect/disconnect. There are high current connectors if you need to be able to disconnect the power supply quickly.

Just got done with my build and am super happy with it.