New Pro 5-12V Output Expander

New stuff!

This is a pro version of our Serial to 8x WS2812/APA102 Driver board (AKA the Output Expander). This can run on 5V or 12V power. It adds 12V support via a toggle switch, up to 15A power distribution, easy address jumper switches, pluggable screw terminals, and mounting board options. In 12V applications, it also provides 5V power for Pixelblaze or another micro up to 500ma.

It has the same LED specs: 800 / 600 Pixels per channel depending on LED type.

For APA102 / SK9822 / DotStar, two channels are dedicated to clock output (one shared for each of 3 data outputs). You can drive up to 6 channels of APA102.

You can mix and match APA102 with WS2812 on the same board by specifying each channels type. Channels 6 & 7 are WS28xx only, and are used for APA102 clock support for channels 0-2 and 3-5 respectively. This means you can have any of these combinations:

  • 8 WS28xx
  • 1 APA102 + 6 WS28xx
  • 2 APA102 + 5 WS28xx
  • 3 APA102 + 4 WS28xx
  • 4 APA102 + 2 WS28xx
  • 5 APA102 + 1 WS28xx
  • 6 APA102


Oh that looks awesome. Love the headers

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