New to pixel mapping - map a cylinder

Hello, newbie here quite stumped about mapping. Read the Github page explaining the concept but fail to understand the concept enough to actually get anything written. My array is as cylinder 12 LEDs across by 22 high. How would I write that down so that Pixelblaze understands the shape of this matrix?
Thank you all.

So this thread is really about the photo mapper, not mapping in general. Let’s move your question to a better place. (New thread? @wizard?)

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See this linked thread for some discussion around mapping cylinders.

As you can see from the above (long) thread, there are pieces you didn’t list, we’d need to know. Like the order of the LEDs, for one thing.
Just the pure dimensions aren’t quite enough, there are many ways to do a cylinder. Are the pixels spiral (each pixel is slightly lower than the last) or actual true rows (a real flexible matrix wrapped around, where all of the row is the same height, then it drops to the next row)? And if so, do they zig zag?

That said, the actual order of pixels needs to be the order of the coordinates, and each coordinate can be in whatever units you like… So you could number the first pixel 0,0 for example, and literally measure (in any unit you like) the rest relative to that…or you could pick any pixel or point and measure relative to that…so some pixels might be -3,5 or 10.75,12…or even 10035,9745, etc… The secret is that the PB will take your coordinates, all of them, and do math so they all fall into a range of 0 to 1 (and decimals between) in each axis you give.

I have read the Github page on setting up a “world units” Matrix for Pixelblaze to exacute however the page was as “clear as mud” and I still don’t have any understanding of how to actually set up a matrix which makes Pixelblaze useless to me for the time being. Where is the Pixelblaze for Dummies documentation? Something that anyone can understand?

@FredEBear ,
Please help us out by providing in the details @Scruffynerf was looking for.

This is a tutorial on mapping that will help cover the concepts like world units:

The github page for pixel mapping is a brief reference, which is also available on Mapper tab in Pixelblaze