Newbie.. Hi! And.. Global brightness control

I’m still waiting for my pixelblaze to arrive, and have to start the whole journey… Learn to code from zero basically!

One question I have… If I’m playing patterns from a play list, is there a way just to “turn the brightness down”? I’m concerned my first project may be a bit too bright for people, in the given space… and editing the brightness of each pattern on the fly at an event seems a bit… Painful

Many thanks for any replies… Can’t wait to play.

Hi @Robinlawrie! You don’t have anything to worry about, there is a global brightness setting in the web interface that you can turn down and it will apply to all patterns.

Excellent! Is there any way to control that with a pot wired to the board? That would be ideal!

Yes, values can be read from an external pot and applied to brightness, but it does require a few lines added to each pattern you want to dim this way.

See the example code for this in the ADC section of the new GPIO docs:

Thanks for the link, seems a nice first experience with touching code, that should be within my currently nonexistent skillset!

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