Newbie questions

Today I got my controller v2 + firmware 2.25. There were some questions. First: after the controller has been running for 15-20 minutes, in the pattern playback mode, the web interface becomes unavailable! In this case, the controller works and plays the selected effects. After rebooting the controller, you can go back to the web interface. What is the problem ? The second question is about the playlist. Is the number of effects stored in the playlist limited? The third question is about the yellow LED. What does its glow signal? It glows and does not glow.

Hi @gafar65,
Welcome to Pixelblaze!

Pixelblaze will normally stay connected. Do you have a browser on the page the whole time? How are you powering Pixelblaze and the LEDs? Power issues can cause WiFi problems.

The playlist is limited to 32 items.

The orange LED on Pixelblaze indicates its status. It will flash when starting up, three times if in setup mode, and glows dimly when connected in client or AP mode.

If it is going out, Pixelblaze is getting reset, possibly due to power issues.

Thanks for answering me. 100 ws2812 LEDs in tape, power supply 5 v 10 Am, connected to the controller through a soldered screw connector, the LED strip is connected there. I open the web interface in the browser, start playing the effects with an interval of 20 seconds, and close the browser window. Everything works fine, but when you try to open the settings page after 15 minutes, the browser says that the page is not available, while the yellow LED is brightly lit. In this case, all effects also work and change. After a reboot, access to the settings is restored. I set the voltage at the board terminals to 5v. I want to try to put capacitors, electrolytic at 450 - 1000 mkf and ceramic at 47 nf. I will also try to start enumerating the effects without an LED strip.

It could be your DHCP config on your router. When you reboot the PB does it have the same ip address or does it change. Any connected devices on my network that are mine all have static IP addresses. If your router doesn’t support static IP you can often extend the time before it resets the IP address. Some routers only release the ip address once its no longer connected others will no matter what after the time limit has been reached will disconnect the ip address. Some routers like mine have the ability to auto reserve an ip address for the same host as well being able to directly give hosts a fixed IP via a static DHCP table. I can only fix 8 addresses myself, the rest are done automatically by the router.

I set a static IP for the controller, registered it in the DHCP settings of the router.

I reset the Wi-Fi settings and set it up again, soldered the capacitors to the power circuit … it doesn’t seem to hang yet … :slight_smile: