No amber light, no blue light, passing 5 volts, did I Fry it?

It was working fine but after a rewiring, I can’t get any amber or blue light or signals from the pixelblaze. V3. Did I fry the unit?? I did not see any sparks or magic smoke.
It’s passing 5 volts around within itself to the other expected places on the board where there should be 5 volts.

Could be. Do you see 3.3V as well? Try disconnecting everything and running it from USB.

Yes, I see 3.3 volts. But running from just USB does not seem to work.
I already ordered a replacement unit I realize it’s probably my fault but I’m confused because I never saw any smoke emitted or any sparks or anything like that.
Perhaps you can answer me a related question, I perhaps naively thought that it might be possible to hook up two ws2812b strips in parallel (so they both display the exact same thing as each other) is this possible?

Yes, you can definitely do that. If they are several feet apart you might run in to signal problems, but most of the time this works just fine.

It’s a good way to get symmetry for free, and from Pixelblaze’s perspective there’s only 1 strip worth of pixels to calculate and send data for and you generally get higher frame rates!

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I currently have 8 ws2815. 144 lpm strips running in parallel and I haven’t had any issues. Also wired in some capacitors and a resistor on the data line. Not sure if they were needed but felt like it couldn’t hurt.

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Adding capacitors to the data/clock lines is very bad idea.
Caps will not improve anything but in fact may kill signals.

Just saw my typo. I meant to say resistor on the data line. capacitor on the power going to the strips.