No Render Function Found

So, I’ve been running into this problem with cutting/pasting a few of the patterns from the forum to my PBv3 (v3.12).
Any ideas what can be causing this?
Is it a charset / encoding issue, or perhaps something else? I can see all of the render functions here. (error in the top left, ‘No Valid Render Function Found!’)


Hi @bdm ,
This normally happens when a pattern only supports 2d or 3d, and you don’t have a pixel map set up yet. Pixelblaze can’t use render2D or render3D without a pixel map of the same dimensionality, and if there is no plain old render, it shows this warning so you know why nothing is happening. Before it would just silently do nothing.

In this case I was using a 3d map, and there was a render3d function (I had missed specifying this earlier)
I actually just pasted it into notepad++ to clean up the encoding, then pasted it into the editor, and it’s now working. Odd, as this hasn’t happened with other patterns.