No step at all for pattern code, but a decent leap for implementation?

Hehe…still struggling with really getting landed on coding in PB…I am a paint by numbers/paint by reverse engineering coder, but perhaps coz of Arduino…maybe Lua…I struggle with the syntax of PB code (I am also struggling with Java on an LED/Midi/Pianobar project ATM)…but all that said…I am really enjoying the implementation/project side.

Some recent projects to share:

My ‘on the shelf’ pixelblaze PSU/controller for testing and experimentation - 5v 40a!:

My office green wall:

My new 5l flask with 288 pixel concentric rings - I’d love to get a subwoofer under this or something?:

My friends recent wedding in Darwin, Australia - it was hot and ‘music festival’ themed (they peripherally knew each other for ten years but we took them both to a camping festival another ten years later (and ten years ago) and they fell in love :heart_eyes:). This one wasn’t well captured…basically the three of us had matching outfits and headbands with embedded strips and small batteries (the lad’s band were wrapped around his noise cancelling earmuffs). I am a bit dissapointed that we weren’t able to capture this better - maybe from the official wedding photographer when that lands - it was a hit, anyway!

Next up?

Well i have a garage baylight that filled up with water that I’ve been pondering a bait and switch RGB project in, and I have a vague notion of a boxed ferromagnetic speaker with lights, but probably first I wanna do something fun with these three frosted jewelry display mounts:

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