No valid render function found - moving to new Pixelblaze

Just hooked up new PB, which took forever, and all saved older patterns are coming up with this error - (triangle caution sign) No valid render function found.
Each and every saved pattern. So I tried redownloading them again with the same results. Something changed between last week and this week within the PB interface. All new patterns work just fine but anything previous fails. What’s going on here? I’m puzzled as I can see export renderer within the code.

Hi @FredEBear,
That error message means that the render function(s) in the pattern don’t match the pixel map. It can happen if you have a 2D only pattern without a pixel map for example.

My guess is that you had set up a pixel map for your 2D matrix on the Mapper tab on the old PB which is missing on the replacement PB, and are loading patterns that have only a render2D, but not a render implementation.