Noob help! I want to control WS2815B 12v led strips from arduino and have a pro output expander

Hello, noob here.
I want to control WS2815B 12v led strips from an arduino and have a pixelblaze pro output expander. I had the pro output expander lying around and wanted to use a 12v power supply and 12v led strip with an arduino uno r4 wifi. I am not sure if this setup even works and or how to connect the arduino with the output expander. I’m not sure how to set them up drivers and software wise either. If that all makes sense and could potentially work, I also have a rtc module to go with the arduino that I want to include in this project. My ultimate goal is to make a sort of sunrise alarm clock system with the led strips. I am open to getting different hardware if needed I just don’t know what to get.
Any help is much appreciated!

Just get a pixelblaze unless you need to use Arduino for masochistic and/or quixotic reasons. I even posted the sunrise calculator code:


If you do want to go down that path, you need to send it a data steam that follows the protocol.

There’s a library here:

You’d need to port/adapt that to your arduino.

There are a number of other drivers out there as well.

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Wow! Chevalier Leopold von Sacher-Masoch and Don Quixote in the same sentence.
Makes me very glad I chose PixelBlaze over Arduino!

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