Offset holes make expansion board unusable with screw terminals

I have limited space in the project box where I want to mount the expansion board so I thought I’d solder screw terminals onto it and connect the wiring to those, but the offset holes make this impossible:

I’d prefer not to solder directly to the expansion board, but my next best option is header pins and wires with DuPont connectors crimped on, but they’re quite tall (and 90º header pins have the same issue across a different axis.)

Hi @ratkins ,
Unless the terminal pins are very large, they should be solderable in a straight configuration. The offset is usually just enough to hug things snugly for soldering. Granted that doesn’t help with 2 pin devices.

The screw terminals in the photo can slide together, if you do that, does the 4 pin combination still insert?

The ones I have don’t connect together to make bigger blocks, they don’t have the little tabs on the sides unfortunately.

Would these work?

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In the end I found these right-angle header sockets at my hackerspace and have gone with a more home-brew solution:

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