Output expander can’t do more than 240pix per channel

I am setting up a project and have 5 strips of different lengths plugged in to the 0 thru 4 pins on my expander. I am using ws2812b LEDs strips, and so some reason when I enter anything more than 240 in the pixel count for each channel, that channel freaks out and stops working.

240 pix no problem
241pix or more no worky

I thought The documentation stated it can handle 800pix per channel but I may be missing something.

Thanks for your help in advance.

I am using a V3 controller, and when I plug it in to the longer than 240pix strips it does just fine, it’s only when using the expander I have issues.

Hey @Rumpy!

Can you post a screenshot of settings page for us to check out?

Are you using the “Auto number” button?

@Rumpy , which expander do you have? The original V1 was limited to 240 rgb pixels. V2 is 800, and v3 is 1600.

A photo of it will help identify it.

I suspect that is my issue. Thank you so much. I have some boards here I ordered before Covid. And I believe the expander I used was one of the older ones. I’ll swap it out tomorrow with the newer ones we just got.

Thanks so much. This controller, etc… is really amazing.


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