Output Expander Max Current - Total or Per Channel

I have an easy question that I haven’t been able to find an answer for in the forums.
Is the max current limit on the Output Expander 3A total, or 3A per channel?

Hello @Asphalt.Astronaut,
It’s 3A total - the rating comes primarily from the power input and size of the PCB.

The common 0.1" pin headers are rated for 3A, and it’s assumed thats how you’ll get power to the board. While each output could draw up to 3A, you would normally only have 1 power input. The trace widths on the board are also somewhat limited due to the size and could carry more but at some point would start to heat - and also being a small board wouldn’t have a lot of room to dissipate that heat.

You can distribute power external to the board, and if so connect GND and data. The board can drive LEDs of pretty much any power rating as long as it’s not doing the power distribution.

We also have a pro variant that is rated for 15A, and also has pluggable “Phoenix” style terminals. This board can distribute 15A at 5V or 12V power, where the regular expander is limited to 3A at 5V.

Similarly, its limit is based on a single power input that is UL rated for 15A. (The connector is UL rated, the board itself not UL tested). These ratings are usually conservative as their goal is to reduce the chance of fire across a wide range of environments.

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Awesome, thanks for the quick response!

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