Output expander new vs. old

I see the output expander (new) has a rectangle and square chip, wheras the old version I have (marked v1.2) has two rectangle chips.

I’m having a problem where if I enter more than 150 pixels, the whole strip either stops responding or not all pixels get updated.

Is this a limitation of the older board (I’ve already ordered some new ones) or have I missed reading something important somewhere again?

Hi @jpm,
The old version, which you can find the info page for here, is limited to WS2812 and 240 RGB or 180 RGBW pixels per channel. RGBW takes 4 bytes per pixel, so fewer pixels fit into memory. If you configure it for more pixels than it can support, it won’t accept the channel data.

The new version can drive up to 800/600 pixels per channel, and also supports APA102 and can mix and match. Both APA102 and RGBW take 4 bytes per pixel, so are limited to 600 pixels.

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