Output expander not sending data

I havent been able to get data through my output expander V2 from my Pixelblaze v3. Ive tried powering through the controller and seperatly with shared ground. Im using Apa102c leds which work fine straight out of the pixelblaze but have had no joy with expanded mode.

I’m using auto index in expanded mode and allocated the clock and data to the corresponding pins with a count thats not zero.

Is there anything i might be missing?
Multimeter shows power is fine through the pins.

From your picture, it looks like you have Gnd, Data, and Clk correctly wired between the PB and expander, but forgot to hook up +5V, which is the terminal on the far right.

Hi @jblaze ,
You have a V1 expander, it did not support apa102, and was limited to 240 rgb pixels per channel.

It will ignore the unknown apa102 commands, but can still be used with ws2812.

The original info page for the V1 expander can be found here:


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