Output Expander problem

Pixelblaze v2 was powering 2 separate led strips (I joined 2 cables together in the 5v, GND, DAT terminals). This was powered through USB.

All the patterns worked great, but some would only work on 20% brightness, when I tried to increase brightness, everything would go dark and I would have to start it up again.

So I attached the output expander, powered by a Dc5v10a power source, with 2 channels. Wifi connected great, but LEDS wont turn on at all even at 10% brightness. All that happens is one single LED glows red.

I then tried connecting a DC5V60A power source, injecting additional power into each LED strip, but the same thing happened.

Any idea what to do? Are there different output expander settings in the interface maybe?
Would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Oran,
Did you configure the Output Expander in Pixelblaze? What are you connecting to the brown and blue wires? Are those copper braided wires soldered to PB and the expander? Does the output expander LED come on?

I think it may be configuring the output expander that is the issue, after playing with it some more, 1 LED strip goes white, and the other is a very dull multicolored pattern.

Brown and blue wires are to power the output expander.

The PB isn’t soldered to the OE, but copper cables are wound tightly.

I’ll attach a pic of configuration now


It’s working now, I thought the count was a maximum of 99 because when I entered 100, I couldn’t see the 3 digits 100, all I could see was 00. Maybe it would be clearer on a computer but I’m on a phone!

I’m now entering the correct counts and it will be in the show and tell in a few days!

Again thank you for the great, quick response.


Hi @oran,
Glad its working! Yeah, the table gets pretty crunched on mobile, switching to landscape mode can help. The new output expanders can do 600/800 pixels depending on type per channel. You also have color order selection in the options drop down so that red, green and blue don’t get mixed up (check that the live preview colors match the leds).

Once you set some counts, click the green Auto button to give them unique pixel start indexes.