PAID JOB - Enclosure for wearable + PCB to simplify Pixelblaze connections

Hello !

I want to create a “control case” taking as little volume as possible (aimed to be sticked to a 15mm large pole (yes it is bigger but I have no smaller choice). The goal is to create it in a way it can be adapted as a “platform” to a large range of wearables with poles or sticks, so in short a “in line” layout instead of a bulky square-ish or thick case.

It includes:

  • a lithium battery (16850). Battery must be removable (for charging, battery has onboard USB + BMS). Ideally the best would be to have a case for the battery (so size is flexible in case I want to do 14500 batteries instead) and a case for the Pixelblaze, but with a connection able to sustain high amps (up to 3A), or else the Pixelblaze cuts down around 3.3V.
  • Pixelblaze + Sensor Board (can’t use the Pico as I need the microphone, can’t use smaller WLED controllers as I want to develop my own patterns and take advantage of the onboard sensors)
  • 3 buttons (to control the patterns) → I’m working on an engine for patterns that allows a wide range of changes with 3 buttons by cycling parameters + visual feedback.
  • An exit Micro JST (4 pins is more versatile but I only use 3 pins) or normal JST if thats possible.

At the moment I’m doing all of this using the Electromage case (Pixelblaze Case – ElectroMage Shop), but it does not completely close and I spend a lot of time adding cables and buttons every time. Battery is in a heat-shrink tube with cables soldered to the Pixelblaze through the opening of the case, which is not very nice looking. I want it to look better, and make it much fast to assemble.

I’d like to design a full case (see picture enclosed), as thin as possible (goes along the pole), with some PCB allowing me to save time on buttons, soldering, connections between battery/Pixelblaze/JST, as I intend to build several of these.
I’m not good enough with PCB design / 3D printing design, and I’m wondering how much this would cost me to have someone design it for me (PCB and enclosure). I try to let as much flexibility as possible, my main point is to have a closed enclosure (or 2 connected reliably) I can build faster than my DIY at the moment, as thin as possible, ideally with key components like buttons already assembled on the PCB i order (from JLCPCB).

If you think you can do it, can you send me a budget quote so I can consider if it’s doable for me ?

Note: I requested on LEDSAREAWESOME as well, and I ask here before trying Fiverr as I believe it’s better to keep it to the community first.

Thank you !

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