Pattern License - Selling products

Hello everybody,

There are a bunch of patterns in the pattern library, and on the stock Pixelblaze, that are beautifully coded and wonderful.
But many of them do not have any kind of licencing attached to it, or contact info of an author.

Can I sell products powered by Pixelblaze using the patterns, or should I write my own if I can’t find the original author to discuss licensing ? I want to do the right thing.

Thank you

@wizard is out of town for a bit, so I’ll chime in with a temporary answer for you.

We hope to add a default license to the upload process in the future that people can opt-out of, to prevent this kind of ambiguity.

The majority of the patterns that ship on the stock Pixelblaze were built by @wizard, rewritten with comments by myself, and there’s a few other example patterns that should be credited correctly to me,, @zranger1, @Regorlas, and @ChrisNZ. You could reach out if there’s one you want to include and you see them in the comments up top.

All mine from that set were released under MIT, and I know @wizard has no issue with people selling products that use Pixelblaze (many people do), so I want to say you’re probably good with the stock patterns; for others from the community pattern site we might be able to help you reach the author just from memory or by observing the style. Sorry this is a pain, we hope to fix it soon.

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Hello @jeff , very clear thank you.
Once I have a full picture of the patterns I will use, i’ll contact the users.