Pattern search feature for forums

It would be really helpful if there was a way to upload patterns to the site and add “tags/topics” like “2D” “audio” “sensor add-on” “Spectrum Analyser” and then add a simple keyword search. It’s awesome all the cool patterns that people upload but as PB grows it’s going to be really hard to find things.


100% agreed; both keyword tagging, search, and also just perma-linking to individual patterns, would all be delightful and relatively powerful improvements all things considered.

I’m hoping to get a chance to rewrite it pretty soon here. The idea is to back everything with a github repo, stuff some metadata like tags into json, and run the site from that. Would let you search for name/tag/capability kind of thing.

Some info on the direction here in this long thread:


What is the status of this project? Specifically, is there a way to search for patterns that use render2D or other specific strings?

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It’s currently in progress. You can see an early beta of the feature here: