Pausing every 30 seconds

I’m having an issue with a pixelblaze 2… It seems to pause animations. Is this an issue with the amount of pixels? It’s only driving 512.

It’s happening with many different patterns

Hey Nick - quick questions. Is it running the latest firmware?

Does it get any better when all web pages that have the web interface are closed?

Hey Jeff,

The Firmware is up to date, and I THOUGHT I had closed the open browser window, but I had it open on another tab too for some reason. So ya, that was the issue. That’s always been the issue in the past, so I thought it was weird that it was still happening after closing the one tab I thought was the only one open :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks for the assist :slight_smile:

Hi @nickbeaulieu,
For what it’s worth, that happens when WiFi hiccups cause delays in sending preview data. You can also click the live preview to toggle it on/off, which should help. V3 doesn’t stall out animations and has a better system for handling that stuff.

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