PB Lego dot belt - Amie Double D

Helped Amie make a Lego Pixel Blaze LED dot belt
It looks really sweet in person


That is super cool, and a great build guide too!

The 3xAAA is only 4.5 volts everything runs fine?

Yes, most of the addressable LEDs work down below that a bit too. 4.5V is well within spec, and they can run a bit lower too. Eventually the voltage will be too low for green and blue LEDs, and the color will shift towards red, but they still run.

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AH! OK nice, I was not aware.

We can safely assume this is all dependent on the amount of LEDs also, as more LEDs will cause more draw, causing the batteries to drain faster.

What is the lowest that a ws2812 can operate at without flickering?