PB out of stock - availability timeframe

Dang, I was just about to buy a couple PBs earlier today after discovering a reference to this project (I think) on the Facebook group LEDs are Awesome… and after logging into Tindie I saw they had just run out of PB inventory.

I was hoping to use 6-10 PBs for a synchronized wearable LED costume project for a group of people at burning man… Is it likely the PBs will be available again before July? I’d really like to use them but realistically I’ll probably take 4-6 weeks to implement my project so will need to pick/fabricate my LED driver solution by the start of July. Don’t need an exact timeframe, just a reasonable guess. Thanks…

And Excellent Work!!!

Yeah, I’ve had a rush of orders recently and I’m in the process of moving my shop. I’m sure we can work something out though.

You are doing a great job responding on the forum and with the design! Keep up the hustle.

Any thoughts one when the next batch might be in stock? I guess I am going to go in a different direction (https://github.com/chucks13/LED-swarm) but will keep gladly try out some PBs if they are available soon.


Back in stock on tindie!

I see it’s out-of-stock. Any estimate when you’ll have more? Hoping to buy 3-4 for projects in about a month.

My last PCB order was messed up. Still trying to work out when they are shipping replacements, 2 weeks at most, as I’m pretty close to calling it a loss and switching suppliers.

PCBs arrived today, and I’ll be cranking out boards and back in stock tomorrow!

Back in stock! Sorry for the delays folks!