PB stopped being discoverable and wont go into wifi reset

Hello all and thanks in advance for any insight. My PB just recently quit being discoverable thru the service, it will not go into Wi-Fi setup and I can not see it on Wi-Fi it does however still cycle thru the saved patterns that are on it and the expansion board works. I have disconnected all leds and powering thru USB. No lights blinking after a five second press it does do something after about 10 seconds where the light goes off and back on. I searched around the diff topics before posting and tried some things I saw there but to no avail. can the wifi die on these things? way to check? Thoughts? ideas? Suggestions? Thank you!

Try powering it off, and on again. Does the LED blink then flash 3 times? If so, then it is is setup mode, otherwise it isn’t and the button has to be held.
If you enabled WiFi power save modes, it might start up with wifi off, the led will flash once and go very dim. In some cases you have to hold it for 5 seconds twice, to put it in setup mode and to enable wifi.

Unfortunately that didn’t seem to work. When powered off and on again it blinks once and is dimmer. I am certain I didn’t put it in wifi energy saver mode because you have a warning saying it’s difficult to get back into the wifi setup. When I hold the button for five seconds nothing happens same if I hold it for an second time. It powers off and back on after 10 seconds.

Hi @yoyofro ,
Can you take a video of the power on sequence and holding the button? Trying to figure out where it might be getting stuck.

You can also try holding the button while powering it on, it will also go into setup mode if the button is held during power up. It should start flashing as long as you hold the button, and should go into setup once you release it.

Some of these depend on the version, but if you had a version that had wifi power save, then this should be right.

This doesn’t sound like what it should be doing, can you get a video of that too?

I had a opportunity today to mess with it some more and what ended up working was holding the button down for five seconds but I had to do it 3 times. It wouldnt blink after five seconds of holding it but i noticed that the animation would freeze for a few seconds, I was using a 3 led “test strip” so I just kept doing it and eventually it did blink and restart in setup mode. I appreciate the help! J.Plotts


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