PB v2.7 Firmware Update


Where can I find the latest firmware update for PB v2.7?

I didn’t see it at the following Github link: GitHub - simap/pixelblaze: Files related to Pixelblaze


Hey Kamehana - Does the web app on this Pixelblaze report in the top right that it’s running firmware v2.7, or are you seeing “v2.7” printed on the microcontroller board?

On v2, the firmware after v2.17 (I believe) will allow you to upgrade with one click from the Settings page as long as it’s configured in WiFi client mode and is connected to a wireless network that can access the internet. Firmware prior to that will require that you upload a .stfu firmware file to http://<ip_address/update.

At the time of writing, the current firmware for the v2 board is firmware 2.29 and you can download the .stfu file here.

I’m currently running v2.29
It say 2.7 on the board.

I also have newer boards. Where would I find version 3.13 or the version Geek Mom was running during her presentation 2 weeks ago?


Firmware versions that start with “3” are for hardware v3 (the v3 Standard and Pico). There are several notable improvements in the v3 hardware, notable processing power, easier WiFi config, first access to new language features, and more IO pins.

However, for everything Debra was illustrating, you should be able to do that on a v2 as well. Were you running into any specific problems?

BTW the current best way to find the latest release upgrade files for offline updating, along with what they contain, is to look at topics with the release tag, which are also filed under the News and Announcement category.

Here’s a link to the releas tag:

You can find tags using this dropdown / search tool:

In the video, @GeekMomProjects is running v3.30, which can be found here or running an update online. This version is only available for 3.x hardware. V2.29 is the latest version for 2.x hardware.

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