PB v3 - Setup Button not working


I am unable to get PB v3 into set-up mode using the button on the board. Initially I set-up the PB in AP mode. However, I wanted to upgrade the firmware, so I went into the Setup tab to connect the board to my workshop WIFI. There is no password for the WIFI, so I entered a couple of characters then deleted them and PB stopped broadcasting an SSID. However, the discover.electromage.com utility can not find the PB on the WIFI network. I can press the set-up button on the PB and it changes patterns but a long press does not put the PB into set-up mode (see video). I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting the power while holding the button without success. Please advise.

Looks like it’s already in setup mode.
When in setup mode it won’t show up on discover.electromage.com, rather it starts a new wifi network that you have to switch to, named like Pixelblaze_xxxxxx.


I placed the PB 1’ away from computer, cycled the power, pressed reset (until it brightened - it didn’t flash), and I still didn’t see the PB SSID in my WIFI list. After trying this, I pressed the reset button and was able to change to the next pattern. I then repeated the set-up mode procedure with the same results (see video). Thoughts or suggestions?

Hi @Kamehana ,
3 flashes when you first power it on mean it is already in Setup mode. You don’t need to hold the button anymore. Once put in setup mode it will persist until configured otherwise even through power cycles.

Sometimes on my mac have to turn wifi off, wait a sec, then turn it back on for it to see most of the networks around me. Do you have any other devices that could be used to check for the Pixelblaze_XXXXXX network, like a phone or tablet?

Sometimes power issues can interfere with WiFi, I’d also try it without the LEDs and with a computer’s USB for power just to remove that possibility.

My MacPro didn’t see the SSID even after turning off and on the WIFI. However, both my iPad and iPhone saw the SSID, and now everything works as expected. Next time I know what to do. Many Thanks Wizard!

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