PB web interface loading and usability difference - macos safari and chrome

I wanted to put this out here in case anyone else is able to reproduce. I had been struggling with very long loading times when the UI was first coming up or UI selections such as changing the patterns glitching out, also the sliders that accompany the watched variables were often invisible or unresponsive.

My default browser on my macbook pro is Safari. Just out of frustration, I tried loading in on Chrome and the PB UI came up very rapidly with only minimal time spent in the loading screen. the UI looks far more polished and complete. I also didn’t have any interaction issues with the UI like I was experiencing in Safari. (this is for PB v3 with latest updates)

I wonder if the recent crop of issues being reported on this forum is somehow related to the user’s choice of browser? Anyone able to compare browser experiences on their V3?

I think something had changed in safari, as all was working well and the app libraries haven’t changed much/often (mainly to keep code size down). I did notice a few things recently.

Have you given 3.21 beta a try? There’s a few fixes in there that might address some of what you are seeing.

A big one was a bug in the webserver that would randomly reset something like 20% of connections that immediately followed another request. If safari did some kind of pre check request it might trigger the bug for the main app.

@wizard - i saw your post on the 3.21 beta. i didn’t download it - i usually just wait for the official releases, but now that you mention it has fixes for the webserver, i can give it a try and update this thread.