PBV3 no output in client mode, works fine in wifi setup mode and AP mode

This one has me a little confused. My PBV3 works fine when I reset it or put it in AP mode. As soon as I connect it to wifi in client mode, there is no output. It works fine otherwise, and I can change everything, and have tried changing everything that might make the output not work, but all the settings carry over between resets other than WiFi, so I don’t think any setting is causing it.

I’ve gone through the process a few times resetting it, putting it in AP mode, checking that it works, resetting, putting it into client mode, confirming that it still doesn’t work, and then going back to AP mode, and having it work perfectly.

Like no output to the LEDs? Whats the preview showing?

Do you have the auto-off timer enabled? That feature could be turning your LEDs off when it gets the current time in client mode, but won’t do that in AP mode (since it can’t get the time).


Wow. Thank you, that is so obvious and such an easier problem than anything I was imagining. Yes, the auto off was set from a previous project, and I totally forgot it is even a feature. :man_facepalming: