Pico8 - fantasy console

Just a pointer to another nifty “toy” that reminds me that the techniques used can be adapted to PB patterns.

Pico-8 is a “console” that someone created, where the programs (Lua based) are small enough to tweet (and uses a .png for storage of the 32k “cartridges” it uses)

The API has circle and line graphics, a palette and so on… and people are doing demoscene type stuff as well as platformers, first person games and more.


Amazing! There seems to be a lot of Lua-on-ESP32 activity — would that be a faster path to a full-feature language on the PB hardware? :thinking:

I doubt it. Pico8 is closed source, and I haven’t seen any signs of a esp32 version. Consider the above just a pointer that the demo scene isn’t dead and one more source of nifty “art” ideas.

I was thinking more about something like GitHub - whitecatboard/Lua-RTOS-ESP32: Lua RTOS for ESP32 on the PB.

There are plenty of languages available for ESPs…Besides compiled C with the Arduino or Espressif SDKs, there’s:

As it stands, while many/most of those languages are more powerful than PBscript, none of them offer an environment with the convenience of PB’s live editor. You win some, you lose some…but I sure would like structures/classes in PBscript to make 3D calculations easier, even if it was just a handful of built-in types like Point and Vector and Matrix…


The appeal of Lua for me is the built-in compiler/interpreter, which has been super useful to me in Redis. This might be able to enable the same convenience as PBscript with a huge leap in language facilities. Keep the web interface and all the cool management stuff, but put Lua syntax highlighting in the pattern editor, and a Lua compiler on the PB.