Pin Interrupts?

Id like an interrupt function on an input pin so I could tag hall effect switches… or is this possible in some way now? I cant find any ref to an interrupt for input pins on the PB…

Great board so far…

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No interrupts yet, but you can poll for a pin value to check for a change in state. If the signal pulse shorter than an animation frame it could be missed… In that case you could stretch it out a bit with a diode and RC circuit, or a timer or something.

I figured… Ive compensated by polling , then polling more often in render once ON state is sensed to zero in as close as possible to the trigger point as signal switches to off. Interrupt would save a whole lot of time though…
perhaps as a general call to set one IO number to a prenamed function.

Maybe something like SetPinTriggered( 23, LOW )


Anyway, just an idea for future… (I develop as well so I know how it goes,
you do what you can. :slight_smile: )