Pixel Blaze 3V?

Stupid question time.
Can the Pixel Blaze Pico run on 3.7V?
If not, I’m just now realizing my poi/staff options are not going to work. Is there a 5V battery in the 18650 form factor? I’ve seen some double long batteries like 2 of the 18640 stacked vertically in a single column, providing 7.4 V, which the PB V3 should tolerate and step down to 5V for the LEDs, but shipping is going to take forever and I was hoping to get this project done ASAP.

Yes, you should be fine, especially if your LEDs are also run from the same voltage.
The ESP32 will run down to 3V, and the LDO regulator should steal only about 125mv, so things might get iffy when your battery drops to 3.125v or so, but that is near completely discharged for a lipo.

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In addition to what Ben said, if you need 3.7V -> 5V, these are pretty small (about the same width as the pico):

Undervoltage protection is nice. I’ve burned my share of :money_with_wings: by killing LiPos running them down, and plus it’s apparently dangerous