Pixel Blaze Disconnection

Pixel Blaze keeps disconnecting from the Patterns Page. It will either say stalled or error after I try and click on a new pattern. I’ve tried both with AP and Client Mode and it fails. Also once this disconnection happens the page will not reload and I have to disconnect my LED’s reset the chip and re connect the LED’s again.

If anyone has any solutions please let me know

Hi @alexmleininger ,
Welcome to the forums, sorry this is giving you trouble!

There could be a number of reasons for this.

That you have to disconnect the LEDs to get it working again makes me think that its power related.
Often it boils down to power supply noise / weakness. Does running at significantly reduced brightness improve the connection issues?

What kind of power supply are you using, how far from PB is that, and how many LEDs are you driving?

Power supply capability, wire thickness, and length can all cause voltage drop and noise that can impact WiFi.

I currently have access to three different USB cords. Two that are quite long and one short one that is quite thin. So this might indeed be the issue. Do you have a specific Voltage required for the Pixel Blaze V3

5V typically, it can work with lower, but fluctuation can cause problems!

USB current output is usually very limited though. Many USB power supplies can drop voltage and get noisy/dirty power when overstressed.

Really what you need to know is how much current your LEDs are drawing! It depends on the type of LEDs, the brightness settings, and the particular pattern displayed. USB is often OK for small installations, or with limited brightness levels, but will have issues with higher current draw.

Check out the power section in the hardware guide:

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