Pixel count not matching the number of pixels used

Hey everyone!

I’m having a weird issue – I have a 38-pixel-long SK6812 strip connected to a Pixelblaze Nano. I noticed that I needed to set the number of pixels on the Pixelblaze to 50 in order for every pixel to be used and started to investigate. The pixel addressing is behaving strangely in two different ways:
The first pixel in the strip is being counted as the second
Starting at around pixel 12 every so often it will take an increase of 2 in the pixel length setting of the Pixelblaze to get to the next physical pixel to light.

Anybody have any ideas? Could it be an issue with the strip?

Is this an RGBW LED strip? If so, it will consume 4 elements instead of 3 for every pixel and if the settings are not right, aside from having the wrong colors, will also appear to need more pixels to cover everything. You can fix that by picking one of the W options for color order in settings.

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Oh that’s embarrassing, I reset the pixelblaze and forgot to reset the LED strip settings. Yes, it’s a GRBW strip. Thank you!

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