Pixel Density advice ( 1.5m tubes )

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts about pixel density im going to make some led tubes around 1.5m and probably about 8 tubes that i want to control. If you google something like ‘Led Pulse Tube’ you will see there are lots of cheap ones. However i want to control mine with my pixelblaze.

I dont really know what pixel denisty to choose for my LEDS. I dont want to have to have to many power supplies ill be using 12v. Do you think 48 / pixels per meter is over kill ?

All thoughts would be welcome :slight_smile:

60 leds/m is my go to for diffused smooth look. I tried the 144/m and it wasn’t worth the loss of flexibility. The 30/m were spaced out enough where the leds didn’t bleed into each other. There is a dark enough spot to see the transition easily.

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I agree, unless you have a LOT of space and/or diffusion material, I would start with 60/M unless you want the pixels/hotspots to be visible.

Cool thanks everyone really helpful i dont want the transition to be visable :slight_smile: