Pixel Lamb Lights up DIY Arts Carnival

This is a show-and-tell, and a big thank you. After 100+ human hours and $1,000+ in expenses, the Pixel Lamb had a successful showing at The Wooly Fair in Providence, RI. It had a great placement, right next to the band stage. And we had it on a wheel-able steel frame, so we moved it to various spots in the yard throughout the night.

I didn’t get much of a chance to properly edit dupes of the sound-reactive patterns, but the Lavablob ended up working pretty nicely with the mapped sheep.

People were walking up and taking pictures with it (or in this case, with its light) throughout the night, which was pretty cool.

I won’t get into build details, as it’s just a basic rectangle matrix, 34x36px, 4’x4’. But I’m happy to share pics and details of the guts if anyone would like. Parts list and additional pictures can be found here.

The challenge with this project was that I originally planned to build out a physical LED layout with actual gaps in the LEDs for the face, as I did with my lil’ lamb.

Right before we started laying out the LEDs, my right hand man @lightsmelter (and/or his uncle?) came up with the great idea of making a rectangle matrix so that we could use it in the future for other non-Wooly Fair events, if desired.

With just a few weeks before the event, @wizard @jeff @sorceror @zranger1 helped me learn that if I wrote a custom JSON map, I could map out the sheep part of the display on the Z axis. @lightsmelter was able to edit @sorceror 's code for both 2d and 3d patterns, and by the end I was able to have about 12 or so duped and edited patterns, which provided a nice variety through the night.

To @wizard @jeff @sorceror @zranger1 and @JasonCoon --thank you very much for your willingness to help guide me in the right direction. There is no doubt in my mind that this thing wouldn’t have shined on the event date if it weren’t for you all. And it also wouldn’t have been possible without @lightsmelter --from design, construction, and coding, his stamp is on this project as much as mine. Thanks again all. We all gave some big joy to lots of people last Sunday, from 2 years old to 65+.