Pixel Light Outdoor Enclosure Design


I’m putting this out there to see if anyone on the forum has experience with designing enclosures. It would be revising/redesigning our existing enclosure. It’s a weatherproof enclosure which houses a Meanwell power supply, Pixelblaze + Expander board and has a bunch of connection ports. The new enclosure needs to be bigger and there are things we learned from the first one that we’d like to change now.

I have the original files for this design, so you wouldn’t be starting from scratch. I have the new rough dimensions I’d like to go with and the drawings for all the components that need ports. The design would be 3d printed for testing and then used to create a mold for manufacturing.

I did look at Fiverr, but I’ve had 50/50 results from there in the past. I’d prefer to work with someone from the forum if possible and to trade the design services for stuff from the Electromage shop. If anyone’s interested let me know.