Pixel mapping issue with 17x30 matrix

I have a 17 column x 30 led pixels, that is wired
from the bottom left corner, up that column to the next column to the right and comes down that column and repeats out to a total of 17

i am just not understanding how to properly map.

(they way I built this matrix also allows each coulmn to rotate 180 directions, the data line would then come in on 16-29 and then to 16,0 over to 15,0 down to 15,29 repeat )

0,0>>>>1,0 2,0>>>>3,0
^ + ^ +
^ + ^ +
^ + ^ +
0,29 1,29>>>2,29 3,30>>>4,30

the notation is not showing correctly in what I posted here is the path for the data line
0,29 up to 0,0 over to
1,0 down to 1,29 over to 2,29
up to 2,0 over to 3,0 down 3,29 over
to 4,29 up to 4,0 over to 5,0

Im trying to learn to speak this language, and I think I will get there, just have keep at it.
I very much appreciate the help!

The example ‘Matrix’ mapper should work fine. Just set width to 30 in the code.

This might get you a mirrored and/or rotated result … but the dimensions will be right!

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Thanks, I have had it set to 17, ill try the 30.

Appreciate the help!


well the PB did not like that set at 30…

at the bottom it said something wrong…
the only thing i changed was from 8 to 30 for width

any else i should try?

spoke to soon, the PB was ok with that change,
it made a nice difference.

thank you


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