PixelBlaze 3.12 unresponsive and won't update

I have several issues suddenly with my PixelBlaze standard.

  • I have version 3.12 firmware and can’t update (times out and says check internet connection).
  • All settings get reset each time it’s unplugged.
  • Pattern colors are incorrect.
  • Can only load one pattern before PixelBlaze GUI becomes unresponsive and loses Wi-Fi connection.

I’ve tried reseting PixelBlaze Wi-Fi, client mode, AP mode, setup mode, etc. and get the same result every time. I’m looking to see what the next troubleshooting steps would be or possibly what might be wrong.

This sounds like it could be a flash / storage issue or power issues.

Try disconnecting the LEDs and power supply, power Pixelblaze from USB. See if that helps. Power issues can cause resets, and enough resets cause fail-safe modes to kick in where it forgets settings and can be unreliable over wifi.

I would export your patterns, then try deleting many of them. The update may fail if it can’t free up enough space to write files, and if storage is very full, configuration changes may not persist.

Once you get it running reliably and with fewer loaded patterns, try updating again. The new versions will tell you how much free space you have, and should be generally more reliable.


Thank you! This seems to have solved the issues from what I can tell. I had to delete about 10 patterns or so, then the firmware was successfully updated to 3.24! I haven’t tested if PixelBlaze settings persist after unplugging yet, although I’m just happy it’s working again :slight_smile:

One additional question I have is since my settings were reset the color order seems to have changed, so for example a pattern that was entirely red showed up blue on the reset. I’m currently using a WS2812 matrix; what is the color order it should actually be? I set it for GRB for the time being and it shows red now.

Awesome, glad that’s solved your problems!

For color order, honestly I forget and don’t have it handy at the moment, but in situations like that I just try things and use process of elimination.

If greens match up on the LEDs and the preview, then try both options that have the same G placement (like GRB or GBR).

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