PixelBlaze audio output possible?

I am interested in incorporating PB in my starship model building. I need a system that has the following characteristics:

  1. Powerful LED engine
  2. Websocket (or similar) control
  3. Can be powered down at any time (hence no rPi)
  4. Simple audio output for sounds like engines and phasers.

The PB is awesome at handing 1, 2, and 3!

Is it possible for the PB to also handle #4? Even if some external circuitry (like I2S audio circuit and/or SDCard module) was required?

This Audio Player would work perfectly, but I would need to be able to have PB connect to it with 2 wires (serial port Rx and Tx). I would also need PB to be able to send simple 4 to 6 character text strings to play, stop, pause, etc

The module supports status returns over the Rx, but I think this feature could be ignored. So the Rx line would not be necessary.

Something like this will work, perfect for this kind of thing:

There are other audio “trigger” boards out there too, depending on how many triggers and what kind of features you need.

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I am seeing quite a few audio trigger boards, but I need to be able to select the sound based on the effect I want. Plus, I need to be able to play multiple sounds at the same time. For example, when I am running the engines and I fire a phaser, I need the engines to continue running.

The trigger boards all seem to play a single file at a time. And the only control they give is Next or Previous track without me being able to specify a specific track (like phasers verses torpedoes). The minimal serial interface the DFRobot module I linked to has the ability to directly specify the track(s) as well as play more than one at a time (like engines and phasers at the same time).

The trigger board I linked plays a different sound for each input, up to 11 inputs. It can also play a different one and loop when the input is held.

It is not polyphonic though.

@LEDBob This board was in my Sparkfun digest this morning:


Polyphonic, GPIO triggers, 8GB of storage with a Web UI to manage the effects!

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