PixelBlaze away from wifi

I’m wanting to run my PB away from a Wi-Fi network. I’m assuming I can use my iPhone to create a Wi-Fi hotspot. Has anyone tried this? Would there be any advantage between setting it up in AP mode vs Wi-Fi? Any tips would be appreciated.

I would definitely set it up in AP mode if you want to have something portable. Pixelblaze tries to connect for a while, but will fall back to setup mode if it can’t find anything. In AP mode, it just runs, and your phone can connect.

In AP mode, the IP address is fixed to, and you can add the page to your home screen for quick access later.


Thanks, I suspected as much, but glad I asked.

use an esp32 as an access point

This is what AP mode does (AP=access point).

BTW if a Pixelblaze is set as AP mode, other PB can connect to it in client mode and will automatically synchronize animations!


Oh I didn’t know that. Cool!

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