Pixelblaze compatible LEDs for beam bar?

:wave: Been experimenting with Pixelblaze for the past month and it’s exceptional work, @wizard !

I’m about to kick off my first project - dance floor lighting for a friend’s wedding. There will be a handful of fixture types - most of them using widely available strips.

I am hoping to pull of a Pixelblaze powered led/beam bar. Are there any high powered (prob 5w+?) lights that work with Pixelblaze? Out of the box would be amazing, but I’m not opposed to something that might need an intermediary interface.

Most ideal would be something with a narrow beam so I could achieve something along the lines of this bar from ADJ.

Thanks in advance!

count me in,
high power addressable LEDs sounds like a great ingredient for new projects.

i did some online searches and this is what i could come up with. They are listed as ws28xx compatible so they should work with pixelblaze