PixelBlaze DeskThing! S̵p̵o̵t̵i̵f̵y̵ ̵C̵a̵r̵T̵h̵i̵n̵g̵

Spotify is going to remotely brick every single CarThing device they’ve ever sold, so I started looking into ways of repurposing them. I found this firmware and instructions for setup:

It was really easy to get set up. It turns the CarThing into a web browser kiosk, but does require keeping it connected to a host device for WiFi support. I used a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W:

I 3D printed this desktop stand / case:

Once I got it all set up, I set the URL for the kiosk to http://discover.electromage.com, et voila!

More details, build log, etc: Jason Coon: "My former Spotify CarThing is now a @wizard #Pixe…" - LEDs

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