Pixelblaze freezes and disconnects from wifi

Ok so here’s my setup:

  • brand new Pixelblaze V3 Pico
  • 4.5-5V battery pack powering 102C LED strip
  • LED strip back-powers the Pixelblaze

The device boots up fine and then runs the default effect. Then it shows wifi. Then it tries to use last known effect (one of the default effects) and then it crashes (eg lights are still on but no longer running the effect). Wifi goes down.

I’m not sure how to fix this since holding the button for 5 seconds isn’t resetting the device. What can I do to debug and fix this?

Sounds like you might be overtaxing the power supply. Try disconnecting LEDs and see if it will run the pattern without them and stay stable.

How many pixels are you running, and what’s the current capability of your power supply?

Once you can get in, try dropping max brightness in settings to save power.

Some battery packs might turn off their output if draw is too low, going into a low power mode, so you might want to try powering it by USB from something else.

Hi wizard,

I’ll give that a try, thank you. I’m using a 3 foot APA 102 with 144 LEDs that I bought from you and this power pack which uses 3AA batteries to output 4.5-5V: Amazon.com

Ok, so I managed to reset the wifi and i’m able to stay connected now + turn the brightness down. I have an issues once I try to run an effect. The effects starts but it quickly freezes, then the microcontroller shows “Stalled”. I’m wondering if I’ve done the wiring wrong? I tried removing the white heat shrink that comes with the LED strip but I can’t tell what order is as there’s no labelling. I’m using this strip 1 meter strip of 144/m SK9822 (APA102) RGB LEDs from ElectroMage on Tindie

In the absence of markings, all I can do is rely on the color coded wiring that came with the APA102. This is my current wiring for the APA102 → Pixelblaze:
(APA102) Red → S (Pico)
(APA102) Yellow → C (Pico)
(APA102) Green → D (Pico)
(APA102) Blue → G (Pico)

I’ve got the microcontroller connected on the same side as the power box, so the arrows flow away from the microcontroller.

Have you looked over the docs? There’s a few tips for figuring out what wire is what and doing power calculations.


For the led strip I sell, you have it right. The S is a 5, for 5v and is the positive side for power.

It still sounds like you are having power issues. What pattern are you running, and what’s the max brightness set to?

AA batteries can have a lot of internal resistance and get worse as they discharge. The pack and wiring might come into play too. 144 LEDs can draw a lot, like 8.6A at full brightness white. Nearly 3A just with a rainbow. Many patterns won’t draw that much, but you don’t want it cutting out every time you switch patterns.

If feasible for your project, you might have better results with a USB battery charger pack and powering it via USB. That’s still going to be limited in current, most packs are in the 2-3A range.

Yes I have been through those docs a few times but thanks for linking nonetheless :pray:

I was running at about 30% brightness but I’ll try even less and I’ll also try powering via USB. I’m also wondering if my wiring is not stable enough.

Thanks for confirming the wiring is correct. That gives me the confidence I need to solder the wiring and see if that solves the problem.

Out of curiosity, how bad is it if CLK and data are reversed? Will the effects start running at all?

It won’t do anything to Pixelblaze, nor damage the LEDs. It might cause random stuff to show in the LEDs, that’s all.