Is this wiring diagram incorrect or is my Pixelblaze defective?

This is the second post I’ve made here trying to fix my Pixelblaze. First one is here Pixelblaze freezes and disconnects from wifi - #9 by wizard

Since then, I swapped out power for a USB power bank and now I also got a brand new LED strip, and the LED strip (WS2812B) still won’t run the patterns I select on the web browser.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi there -

Those connections look mostly right to me.

How many LEDs are you running now?

I don’t see the Pico’s onboard LED on in the picture. When you connect power are you seeing it turn orange? Is the web interface coming up and not stalling now? What about when the LEDs are disconnected?

Are the LEDs totally dead or flickering? What’s your Settings page look like?

Hi. Thanks for your response. I’m only running the 1 LED strip. What happens when I plug it in is that a few LEDs get powered and the rest stay off.

The picos onboard LED is lit and stays solid (eg no blinking after initial boot)

The web interface will come up and appears to work (eg things change in interface when I press them) but nothing changes on the strip.

Thanks for those clarifications - can you also send a shot of the Settings page?

After seeing the pattern of all-white on the first few, one of my theories is a bad solder joint of broken connection on the data line somewhere. For example, this looks like it was reworked a few times, or just used a particularly rough lead-free formulation.

Monosnap Is this wiring diagram incorrect or is my Pixelblaze defective? - Troubleshooting - ElectroMage Forum 2023-05-22 10-38-08

I’ve had the solder joints and copper traces on strips go bad as well, especially after a lot of motion. Something you could try is tinning the LED end of a wire that’s well connected to Data on your Pico, and pressing it down on some of the intermediate exposed Data copper pads in your strip. In this way, you can inject data a few pixels in and try sipping the fist few pixels to see if they were bad.

Do you have the LED Type set correctly in the PB Settings page?

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Great idea thank you, will give that a shot. Yeah the pico took a beating when I removed the soldering I had done for the last LED strip.

Oh, I did not realize that was a thing. That’s likely an issue, I was using the APA LED last time

That’s a tight spiral! When I tried to wrap a 144led/m sk9822 strip around a stick like that, I broke a connection in the strip.

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