Pixelblaze in low/no connectivity environment

Hey y’all. I’m trying to figure out a way I can control some ws2812 LEDs with pixelblaze on my phone without wifi or cell data. Bluetooth or a local network of some kind. I’m way out over my skis and need some guidance. Is this possible?

You can setup the PB in AP mode. Then connect to that network with your phone, and access the UI that way. Either by going to or with the Pixel Light App.


Do you mean, without a wifi access point, or without any wifi at all? If the former, as @mnielsen says, the PB can be an AP!

Hey @sorceror, I had the PB in AP mode and was able to connect to it with the App. Directly with my phone, so it should work where there are no other routers or wifi sources.

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Yep! This worked great at the recent local burn event where I was able to livecode with my Gemini PDA!

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