PixelBlaze + Sensor Expansion + Motion Sensing

Hi, folks!

I’m looking to add motion sensors to a PixelBlaze-based project.

Any recommendations? Ultrasonic or PIR or?

These look like good modules, perhaps to connect several to the sensor expansion board?




Hey Jason!

That module looks like it would work. When googling for the spec sheet, I saw they’re a little cheaper at SparkFun, though they might not ship as quick.

If you’ve never done a voltage divider before, the max ratings for this module indicate a 2.85V output is possible; to scale this for Pixelblaze’s 0-1V ADC pins, use this ratio: the resistor from ground to the ADC pin should be at least 1K; the next resistor from the ADC pin to this sensor’s output should be close to (but at least) 1.85 times the value of the first resistor.

Let me know once it’s wired up if you need some help with code to scale the readings. Though I just googled you to see if I was being patronizing, and I doubt you will need help with that :slight_smile:

Ultrasonic would work too: A little more expensive but with longer range, better precision, but ~10Hz readings vs 20-25Hz with these (just from reading the spec sheets). I’ve used the Maxbotix series on drones and, like the IR one you linked, they have a voltage output you can scale.

Good luck!

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