Pixelblaze simulator?

I’m trying to think about how to implement version control into the patterns I make. That’s going to be challenging if the code always lives on the pixelblaze. For a lot of development, the generated preview is sufficient. I also know there is a way to upload pattern files to the pixelblaze.

So my question is if there is a way to develop patterns without needing to do it on the actual pixelblaze, making it easier to use a git repo, and potentially allowing such niceties as code javascript linting, and code completion.

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I’ve been thinking about this very thing.
Ideas that come to mind:

  1. Code on electromage.com with an account, integrated with your local Pixelblaze(s). Opens the door to more cloud/IoT integrations. This seems like what most of the other cloud-enabled coding products do, though I don’t like the idea of needing to be connected to the internet to tweak patterns.
  2. Use local browser storage for versioning / automatic saves.
  3. Something local to the PB. I think the compression I’m using would help quite a bit here.
  4. Some combination, maybe pull/push to GH or electromage.com (actually sharing from a PB would be awesome, or previewing a pattern from the site on local LEDs).

Code completion is possible in the PB editor, and is on the feature list.

For a new user, with just one PB so far this would be a useful feature. The PB I have is already busy while I want to develop new patterns for it.

Not ready to order more PB’s just yet as the postage, admin and duty charges involved in getting them into the UK make it expensive to order in one’s and two’s.

I’m very interested in either a cloud or offline editor with simulator functionality.
My pixelblazes are running the christmas lights on my house so the neighbourhood gets to watch me do development and troubleshooting :frowning:

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I found this whilst reading around the subject of pixelblazes which I think is what you’re after


Larris, Thank you for finding this!