Pixelblaze stuck on loading screen

On a related issue - My PB was working fine until just an hour ago. Now it will not get past the loading screen. I get the spinning translucent cube but it will not get beyond that.

Odd thing is if I unplug the PB altogether and use discover.electromage it finds the PB, right there.

I’ve disconnected the LEDs and run through the WiFi setup sequence a few times. Still the spinning cube o death… It IS pretty, though!

Oh, a few tries back a whole bunch of nonsense symbols were thrown up on my screen.

What is going on is a mystery to me.

Tiny Update - I came back after a bite to eat, The Patterns screen had loaded but the PB was, on discovery, disconnected.

Suggestions? Thanks.

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Hi @JustPete ,
BTW - I moved this to a new topic.

What were you doing around the time when it stopped working? Not that you were doing anything wrong, but sometimes that can help give a clue for troubleshooting.

Do you know what version it was/is running?

It sounds very different from the other thread. You can get through wifi setup, so your web app page is intact. That also means that AP mode networking (used for wifi setup) works OK? This sounds like a wifi / networking issue when it’s connected to your router.

Try restarting your router, see if that clears it up.

Well thank you for your reply @wizard!

I was in the process of hooking up a thousand or so matrix leds in frame I built. Then… things went wonky.

I re-booted the router and got some inconsistent life out of my V 2 and then my v3. Firmware on the v3 is up to date.

Strange to me that discovery “finds” my PBs whether they are hooked up or not.

Patterns were sloooooow to load, then things froze.

Perhaps I am too far from the router, working in the shop after all.

Signal strength in my work area is in the range of -68 to -72 dB. Could this be the problem?

Of course! Yes, quite likely signal related.

If you don’t have a spare bit of equipment to extend the signal to that area, try switching to AP mode so that you have a direct connection to the Pixelblaze.

If you still have problems in AP mode, I would take a look at moving the PB so that it can get better signal. Sometimes burring them in wires and panels can prevent WiFi signals from getting very far.

Yes! And I just built this pretty large metal tube frame for the LEDs… Never had an issue with laptop connectivity out there tho. Anyway, thanks!

Its the simple things sometimes…

Follow up -

I moved the PB to a WIFI spot near the wall, ran a 14 AWG home-made twisted pair to the LEDs.

It now runs great.