Pixelblaze turns on briefly and goes blank

Pixelblaze was working fine until one day when I went to plug it in and it turns on briefly and shuts off.

I tried multiple power sources, even putting 5v through the Vin and holding the reset button.

Anyone else having this issue and could help?

Uploaded video

Hi @Johnnyneang ,
The pixelblaze v2 has a different startup sequence than v3. It looks like it’s trying to connect to Wi-Fi. During this time it doesn’t respond to the button. If it can’t, it will go into setup mode after a few minutes. Keep looking for a Wi-Fi network like Pixelblaze_xxxxxx.

Thanks @wizard! I didn’t realize this, i always looked for the LEDs to boot. I was able to reconnect to it.
Here’s what a few buddies of mines built earlier this year with this controller plus a standard expansion board - brought it out to the 2022 burn (215 & Esp), amazing little controller that powered a few thousands WS2811’s


@Johnnyneang That’s AWESOME!!! How did I miss that?

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